Spring renewal

A year into my ministry at Delta United Church (DUC), I received a request from two women who wanted to use the church kitchen to teach young parents how to

The spirituality of work

“Work,” the Persian poet Gibran writes, “is love made visible.” I believe that whether work is something we have, used to have, desire to have, or are unable to have, we

a cute black and white cat

Scrappy finds a home

Sometimes a relationship literally lands on our doorstep. When I moved into my home in Crown Point, the previous owner had left evidence of pets. Having been pet-free for four

Hard-wired for connection

"There is no Wi-Fi in the forest, but we promise you will find a better connection." This quote by an unknown author reminds us that human beings are hard-wired for


Intervention can bring about about transformation. Along with a growing number of North American cities, Hamilton brings its community-builders together on a single day for a project icalled “100-in-1-day” and,

Building bridges

I've been reflecting a great deal on neighbourhoods, cities, and countries. We have been flooded with media talk about building walls, separating people, naming who is included and who is


Being human means we must accept change as a part of life. Sometimes we seek it out, but often the decision to change is made for us. When I was