About Us

Minister: Rev. Shelley Smith                                                                                                                                      Licensed Lay Worship Leader: Sarah Ferguson

Photo of Rev. Shelley Smith

Council Chair: Sarah Ferguson     Treasurer: Gloria Weir     Secretary: Helen Martin  

Kids’ Church Coordinator: Denise Forget     Music Ministry & Choir Director: Heather Kilborn   

Ministry & Personnel Chair: Debbie Berquist    Office Assistant: Shiona Mackenzie   

Property Manager: Trish Fraser    Caretakers: Bob Penner, Sheila Powell             

diagram of typical church council or committees

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Volunteer-run Committees & Clubs

Committee NameCommittee Responsibilities
Board of Trustees
Click here for various online church administration resources.
- responsible for all property, including the sale and maintenance of the church building and use of said property, because the legal title to all property is in the trustees' names
- maintains and invests all funds that are donated or gathered from the sale of any church assets
Choir- under the guidance of the Choir Director, provides singing support for the congregation and solos for worship services and special events as needed
- participates in weekly rehearsals
Concerts- proposes and organizes musical entertainment fundraisers for the church
Finance- maintains and deploys the assets of the congregation to fulfill the mission of the congregation
- secures contributions for the current expenses of the local congregation, including the salary of staff, presbytery allocations, and the Mission and Service Fund of The United Church of Canada
- disburses the money received for these purposes according to a congregationally approved budget
- secures contributions from participants through regular giving, including pre-authorized remittance (PAR)
- presents regular reports on the condition of finances and property to each meeting of the Board
Ministry & Personnel - provides a confidential consultative and supportive agency for the staff of the church and for members and adherents of the congregation
- reviews working conditions and remuneration for all staff
- oversees the relationship among staff and all members of the congregation
- annually reviews and evaluates staff
- regularly reviews the responsibilities of all staff of the pastoral charge and revises position descriptions when requested by the Board/Council
Mission and Outreach
(Community/World Engagement)
- oversees the outreach of the congregation in evangelism and social action within the community, city, country, and world
Pastoral Care Committee- ensures those within our church family who require special attention and prayer are taken care of
- ensures the cards are sent during special occasions
Property- manages maintenance of the building, both inside and out, through all seasons
- manages maintenance of all equipment
- secures, maintains, and works with all renters of the church building spaces
Service- coordinates opening the doors and the sanctuary, setting up the microphones, making and setting up pre-service coffee and tea, turning on the lights, lighting candles
- ensures all is put away, turned off, closed, and candles blown out at the end of Service
- mans the chair lift before and after each Service
Worship & Christian Education- coordinates the Christian education of all – young and old
- coordinates worship and special services
- keeps the roll of the congregation and a record of children and adherents
- keeps the register of baptisms, marriages, and burials
Many hands make light work! If you're interested in lending us your expertise in team-building, non-profit law, diversity & inclusion, accounting, fundraising, event planning, IT, or communications, please contact Rev. Shelley Smith and/or Sarah Ferguson LLWL. We'd love to hear from you.


Club NameClub Description
DUC Book ClubThis group meets monthly for friendly discussions about selected books. Individuals are responsible for their own expenses.
Delta UCW (UCW)
Click here to access the UCW Handbook (PDF) online.
Membership is open to any woman who is in agreement with the Purpose of the UCW, and who is willing to participate on a regular basis with prayers, gifts, and services for the work of the church in the world.
Delta United Social Club (DUSC)A social gathering for interested DUC members to take part in a variety of enjoyable activities together. Individuals are responsible for their own expenses.