Edith’s Pantry

A bag of groceries with yellow roses surrounding the logo..
Helping our community put food on the table.
Edith’s Pantry, founded in memory of Rev. Shelley’s grandmother, is our on-site food bank, serving about a dozen families and individuals in our community. Clients can visit once a month to select from a variety of donated packaged/canned foods, as well as health and hygiene items for all ages. We do our best to ensure that the food we offer is within best-before dates. If we wouldn't eat it ourselves, we won't give it out!

Edith's Pantry is not an allergen-free food bank.

Donations are welcome... Please call ahead for open days/times.

Most needed: HSR bus tickets, low sodium soups, canned meats, peanut butter, strawberry jam, jars of instant coffee, sugar packs, individual tissue packets, solid deodorant sticks, body wash, adult diapers (large), hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and gift cards ($10-$20).

Note: We cannot accept fresh/frozen vegetables, fruit, dairy, eggs, meat/fish; items beyond their shelf-life, or recalled items.