The spirituality of work

“Work,” the Persian poet Gibran writes, “is love made visible.” I believe that whether work is something we have, used to have, desire to have, or are unable to have, we are spiritual beings in this wonderful world. We are co-creators in all that we do. Because we are all interconnected, how we are in the world matters. We have resilient spirits and unique gifts to share with others and our communities. Small businesses are one way people can share their gifts and passions with family, friends and community. 

One of my favourite activities is to stroll along Ottawa street with my daughters. We have found the shopkeepers to be very friendly, knowledgeable and truly passionate about their businesses. Last month we went to the Maternity House, a unique consignment store, to buy some clothes for my daughter who is expecting. (On a personal note, I am very excited to take on my new role as Grandma!) While at the store, we had a wonderful chat with one of the owners about the history of the store, dreams for expansion, and the need for such a store in all communities.

Not all of us are called to own or manage a small business. However, we can support others who feel called to do so. Communities thrive and prosper when people support the small businesses in their neighbourhood. We are very blessed in Crown Point to have diverse and unique small businesses. I encourage you to make an effort to support our local businesses and markets. I appreciate learning more about my community and the small businesses that are such an integral part of our wonderful Crown Point neighbourhood.

May we continue to grow and prosper together!